Welcome to Netterville Manor

The Castle Gate The densely fertile landscape of the magnificient Boyne valley is Ireland's most majestic and historic landscape punctuated with the wealth of the past from the great High Kings of Ireland, world renowned pre historic sites, to The Battle of the Boyne and monuments all within walking distance of Netterville manor and Castle. From the top floor of the castle the eye can enjoy spectacular views that sweep west along the River Boyne, surrounded by Newgrange, Knowth, The Hills of Tara and Slane. The estate nestles in wonderfully mature parkland throughout the Boyne Valley, tracks of peat land and beautiful coastlines stretching 12 kilometers long.

Nearby a battlefield lies; teeming with vivid memories of Irish and British history, the battle of the Boyne site has been transformed into a world-class visitor centre, where one can experience and once again capture the strategies of times past, when William III gained vistory over his father-in-law, James II on 1st July 1690. The battlefield continues to play a significant role in Irish history.

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